Information for Speakers

Your abstract will be posted to the latest Calendar page . Updates can be posted to the Boston-pm mailing list or to Wiki gnomes Bill+Tom.

When: We normally start arriving at 7, have refreshments (pizza & soda) 7:15, and start the talk at 7:30.
Where: Meeting site is MIT SLOANE School Bldg E51. Our usual room E51-376 is a cozy 3rd floor MBA case room with built-in A/V; Calendar indicates if room # is different.
Parking: E51's small Parking lot has hostile signage but is actually open to all 3pm to midnight.

A/V: I usually can get into the room for A/V setup early, 6:30 or 6:45, but these days the room's built in projector configures easily, so that's not usually needed. (I usually arrive early anyway just to displace ad hoc study-groups.) The room projector has VGA+sound cords, but i don't think our usual room has gotten the HDMI upgrade yet (larger rooms have it, sometimes with captive Mac adapter), so if you need an HDMI adapter and can't bring one, please give the facilitator warning to line one up (specify big plug or Mac).

MIT has the most awesome sustained WIFI speed, thanks to being NFSNET backbone, has generous guest access, so web demos are no problem. (IRC ports are frequently blocked probably due to botnet control channels, but that's the only exception we've noted.)