2013 Talks

December 10, 2013

Tim King - Benchmarking Perl6 vs Perl5

Location: MIT, building E51, room 376

* Perl 6's suitability for "production." (Your definition may vary.)
* Experiences of the state and stability of Rakudo.
* Benchmarks of my favorite P6 features.
* Lines of P6 code from everyday life.
* Some comparisons of P6 with P5.

November 12

A new object system for the Perl 5 core.

Speaker: Stevan Little

In 2011 I started working on a project to improve the object system in Perl 5. I wanted to take elements from Moose, as well as bring in some more elements of the Perl 6 object system. The first version of this work ended up suffocating under its own complexity, but after this year's YAPC::NA I decided to come back to the project with a fresh perspective and so far work is progressing very well.

In this talk I will walk through several examples of the proposed syntax and feature set as well as discuss some of the underlying implementation details. This will be an interactive talk and audience members are encouraged to ask questions, poke holes in the design and help improve the proposal.

If you missed this talk, you can watch an earlier (and shorter) version version courtesy of NY Perlmongers:

October 8

Review and Discussion of recent Perl blog topics

Speaker: Bill and G(r)eek Chorus

Targets of opportunity:

general news sources:

September 10

Patching and Updating a CPAN Module

Speaker: Bill Ricker and Tom Metro (remotely)

Boston.pm adopted one of Damian's PBP modules, Config::Std. It was broken by Perl 5.18's security patch to randomize hash ordering. Debian Unstable reported the bug (glad to know they're doing Perl 5.18 and packaging Config::Std!) and provided a patch. Ricky made sure the patch didn't invalidate Damian's design.



At Cambridge Brewing Co

July 9

Inline::Java (Perl and Java, together at last ?)

Speaker: William Cox and David Larochelle

William Cox and David Larochelle on Using Inline::Java with Perl This talk is a report on inquiry begun on the mailing list http://www.mail-archive.com/boston-pm@mail.pm.org/index.html#07176
slide deck https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nWaw6ER0yuh0dtHWDVETaGLe1GFCQ71kynyeN_-VEmM
& http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/dlarochelle/2013/07/14/inlinejava-using-java-with-perl/

Q “There is a question that the slides don't address which I am curious about -- why didn't you just use Java & Java-based languages? “
A. “each had major existing workflow in perl.one needed to fetch data only available with java api, other needed algorithm only with java api.”
A. “Exactly. Our ORM is in Perl. Also, I did in 1 file of Perl what Java would require in 10s. The need to maintain simplicity was important for my group. You have to follow the business requirements laid before you. A lot of my group writes Perl. The rest of engineering writing the customer facing stuff writes in Java. We mainly communicate over a database (read: not realtime). But there is the occasional bleed over from Java land that we have to implement the exact same code on our
end as which ships in the product. But our framework is (largely) Perl. So we glue the 2 together. And as engineers, "good enough" is perfect.
Some data points for "good enough:"
1. I can scan a Maven repo for updates in under an hour
2. I can apply a in-house algorithm to a directory structure in sub-second time”

June 11


May 14

re-writing and using parse::gnaw


April 9

Embedded Perl

Speaker: Federico Lucifredi

Federico Lucifredi continues his quest to build a hardware-assisted automagic hard-drive wiper, using perl in an embedded device. Shiny hardware! Demo! Code!

March 13


February 12

Uri releases a module

Speaker: Uri

Our Topic is how to release a module to CPAN. Uri will show us how his old to him new to CPAN module is packaged to go.

This is our chance to heckle Uri. Be there! It's fun!



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