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Tech Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at MIT

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December 9 - Social Meeting - @ Redbones

The votes are in.

> RedBones++

RedBones Wins. No meeting at MIT this month. Meet at RedBones, usual 7-7:15 time, near Davis Sq T. there is public parking metered lots but plan to circle for a while.

55 Chester St Somerville, MA 02144 (617) 628-2200


November 18, 2008, 7:15 E51-376

  • Note date - week late since 2nd Tuesday is a Holiday
  • Advent Calendar PSA / Jerrad gave a public service announcement on the Advent Calendar project. Volunteer! get writing! http://advent.pm.org
  • time_t, magic numbers, old school bit-hacks, and Perl.

BillRicker gave a talk meandering through un/pack(), time_t, magic numbers, and old skul bit-banging entitled "Magic Numbers & Un/Pack / a use.perl.org magical mystery tour". Slides are posted at here This Free-software generated PDF (OOo 2.3) should be viewed with a genuine Adobe reader as Evince and Xpdf get the overlays wrong. Perl scripts are in a tarball.

To answer the Question from the floor, Ilya'o'clock willbe just before Solstice and just before our normal date for January.
ILYA Sat Dec 20 02:32:33 2008 GMT . Fri Dec 19 21:32:33 2008 ET
Ilya Tue Jan 13 11:22:09 2009 GMT . Tue Jan 13 06:22:09 2009 ET

Refreshments provided by our kind sponsor CIDC.com ; be Sure to mention Boston.PM when you send them a resume.

October 14, 2008, 7:15 E51-149

We didn't wind up forcing PowerPointKaraoke on anyone, so the list of good perl stuff on that page remains available for filler talks

September 9, 2008, 7.15 Tech Meeting E51-376

  • CIDC, refreshment sponsor, wants your resume. Tell 'em Boston.PM sent you if you oblige.
  • Easy cryptanalysis with tr, s, and /usr/dict/word. BillRicker

August 12, 2008, Tech Meeting E51-376

Jerrad Pierce

July 15, 2008, Tech Meeting E51-376 (*3*rd Tuesday)

  • Topic: Ack-athon
    • Uri and Bill have been working on Andy Lester's ACK tool, and this will be a collaborative redesign of the inner loop.
  • Due to 4th of July holiday weekend being popular for straddling vacations, and the 8th being earliest possible 2nd Tuesday, we're pusing out a week.

July 8, 2008, SOCIAL at TBD – see emails

June 10, Tuesday, Tech Meeting MIT E51-376, 7:15pm

Uri Guttman will present a quiz exploring people's thoughts on programming.

May 13, Tuesday, Tech Meeting MIT E51-376, 7:15pm

Bob Rogers gave a talk on Advanced Control Structures in Parrot.

April 8, Tuesday, Tech Meeting MIT E51-376, 7:15pm

Ronald Kimball gave a presentation on doing a weighted shuffle.

February 12, Tuesday, Tech Meeting MIT E51-376, 7:15pm

Martin Owens presented XML::Validate::XSD.

January 8, Tuesday, Tech Meeting MIT E51-376, 7:15pm

Mitchell Charity gave a brief presentation on his idea to quickly bootstrap a Perl 6 implementation via Ruby.

Ronald Kimball led a long discussion of new features in 5.10.

Bernardo Rechea presented his CD-ripping program that uses some of the new 5.10 features.

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