Boston landmark Zakim Bridge is the Boston chapter of the international Perl Mongers collection of Perl user groups, founded in 1998.

The group welcomes anyone to join our mailing list and attend our meetings.

We also sometimes hang out in our IRC Room.

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Next Meeting:

THERE IS NO NOVEMBER MEETING. 2nd Tuesday in leap years can be busier than World Series ...

Do we want to try a different night? We usually have a Social in December ... maybe this year social is November & we do a real meeting in December? Who has something to Present in December ?

Last meeting : Tues Oct 11th, room E51-376 Perl 5.24 meets Abe Lincoln (Bill Ricker)

Last month, I did my usual Cryptographic History talk before's GPG/PGP keysigning.
The title was "Transposition Cyphers in Historic Context", looking at a theory and two specific uses, President Lincoln and German Army Corps WW1.
As usual, there was a bit of Perl code used for demonstration - for Lincoln's.
This time, I used the 5.020 experimental features that we've discussed in new release feature reviews postderef and signatures (both promoted to stable in 5.024 so safe to use in real code).
BLU saw the history, but this month, gets to see the code.
The full schedule and history can be found on our Calendar.